Not for me, please! I choose to act green

„A timely, universal and critical message conveyed through the voice of a young child. This beautifully written and illustrated story provides the perfect blend of courage and responsibility to convey the growing dangers of carelessness and waste, and how individual actions can make a difference.“ writes the author Darryl E. Green about Maria Godsey’s first children book Not for me, please! I choose to act green, illustrated by studio animanova.

It’s in the news everyday. We are not only polluting our planet we have also caused a change in climate with a culture of greedy growth and lazy consumption. You don’t need to have your own children to know that this is wrong, uneresponsible and not acceptable. But it feels devastating when you have to explain this to the innocent that they will suffer most on the results of our neglecting behaviour to an extend we are unable to imagine today. It is clearly on us to change our mindset, behaviour and actions. It is on us to say Not for me please! There are options, we can choose and make better decisions. We can share and teach what we learn and know. There is hope when we collectivly understand the interconnectedness we have with our environment and planet, we can begin to make smarter choices and act green.

In this book you will meet little Luke who wittnesses first-hand the damage caused to the environment. He changed his ways thinking about the effect of his actions on the planet and starts making choices that are more sustainable. Using his helpful phrase, “Not for me, please!”, he shares examples of choosing differently to act green. He demonstrates why plastic, waste and overconsumption are harmful and what you can do to impact this with the choices you make.


Illustrating such an important book is a wonderful challenge. To depict the threatening waste scenario realistically I came up with the idea of collage. To emphasize contrast between happy and sad, deceptive and real I end up mixing real images / photos (i took in my neighbourhood to picture the surrounding madness) with the imaginative, simplified hand-drawn world of our main character.

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